The same amount of detail goes into each side of our mattress.







Why Don's Mattresses? Don's mattresses provide quality, comfort and a warranty that can't be beat.


Here's how..


We start with an inner spring and then a wrap around pad on the spring and add an additional pad on top for added support. Next we add cotton, and we are able to make just the right mattress for you depending on how firm or soft you would like your mattress. Next we put the cover on and attach the cover to the spring so it cannot shift. We do the same thing to the other side of the mattress and then put the border on and sew it up. At this point we have a 10 - 11 inch mattress. A normal mattress is somewhere between seven and eight inches thick, now this is where tufting the mattress is the game changer and makes all the difference in the world.
If you don't know what tufting a mattress is and if you are curious I can put a video attachment so you can see.
Tufting the mattress is going to turn that 10 or 11 inch wide mattress and to a 7 or 8 inch wide mattress. What this means is the tufter pushes down on the mattress and puts a needle through with twine and ties the knot and compacts the mattress. This happens about every 8 to 10 inches on the mattress.
The mattress now pushes up against your body instead of your weight pushing down on the mattress. Now you are being supported and held up and not waking up with a sore back.


Other mattresses being sold are all foam and even the memory foam is still foam with a 3 or 4 inch piece of memory foam glued to a larger piece of foam and then a cover is thrown on it. Even if you're lucky enough to get a mattress that has an innerspring it’s still packed with foam. Before you know it the foam starts to spread and deteriorate and after so many years turns to dust and breaks down and that's why every two or three years you find yourself buying a new mattress. If you're lucky maybe five to seven.


This is not the way mattresses were made up until the 1980s-1990s. But that's what happened when the big companies took over mass producing mattresses. We need to get back to our roots and take our time making high quality products that last and that's just what we are doing at Dons Mattress.


Our box springs are all handmade and have padding and cotton and no foam on top. They are meant to support the mattress which allows the mattress to last longer than a hardwired box spring. We use a box spring that has some give to it just like the spring of a mattress that way the mattress isn't sitting on something that puts a lot of wear and tear on your mattress.


Don's Mattress wants to sell you the highest quality mattress every 20+ years and for you to tell your family and friends about it. We guarantee that it's the best mattress on the market.


Don's mattress was established in 1919. We know this business. Feel free to contact us anytime. or at 781 367 2692 or 781 270 0072


We also make any custom size mattresses for antique bed frames, boats and sofa beds. If you’re looking for something custom please stop searching and call Don's mattress.


I hope this post has helped people to understand a little bit better about what we do and the product that we make and helped you to see why there's nothing else like it.


A mattress is something that people sleep on every single night and can make all the difference in how they feel the next day. So choose Don's mattress. "For the REST of your life"


Thank you,
Vice President
Gabe Donadio
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Bonnel Spring System: We start by using our Bonnel spring mattress system made from heavy gauge tempered coil which provides gentle, yet superb support from head-to-toe.


Heavy Felt Support Covers: We wrap and secure the entire spring core with a heavy felt support cover. An additional felted top pad is added for extra comfort.


100% Cotton Stuffing: Each side of our mattress is generously stuffed with two (2) - 8 pound rolls of 100% organic cotton.  That's 16 pounds per side!

4b.jpg Luxurious Cotton Ticking: The Cover or "Ticking" that literally wrap's things up is made from pure cotton.  The finest quality twill offered from our mill.

Tufting: Once the mattress is assembles we begin the tufting process which